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 Holiday Programs Dec 2022 and Jan 2023

1 x lesson $50pp 

2 x lessons for $90pp  

 Equipment is supplied 

*Note Toowoon lessons may be moved to Shelly Beach if the waves are more suitable. 

* Macmasters Beach lessons may be moved to Copacabana if the waves are more suitable. 

You will be notified 12 hours in advance if there are changes.

Please find below the lit of open ages group Summer Holiday lessons for 2022/3

December 2022 

17-18th 9.30am Avoca 

17-18th 9.30 Toowoon

17-18th 9.30 Terrigal 

17-18th 9am Copa / Macs

19-20th 11am Avoca

19-20th 11am Toowoon

19-20th 11am Terrigal

19-20th 1pm Copa / Macs

21-22nd 1pm Avoca

21-22nd 1pm Toowoon

21-22nd 1pm Terrigal

21-22nd 2pm Copa/ Macs

23-24th 2pm Avoca

23-24th 2pm Toowoon 

23-24th 2pm Terrigal

23-24th 3pm Copa/ Macs

27th-28th 8am & 3pm Avoca

27th-28th 8am & 3pm Toowoon

27th-28th 8am & 3pm Terrigal

27th-28th 8am & 3pm Copa /Macs 

29th -30th 9am Avoca 

29th -30th 9am Toowoon

29th -30th 9am Terrigal

29th -30th 9am Copa /Macs

31st 10am Avoca

31st 10am Toowoon

Jan 2023

2nd -3rd 10am Avoca 

2nd -3rd 10am Toowoon

2nd -3rd 10am Terrigal

2nd -3rd 12pm Copa/Macs

4th-5th 2pm Avoca

4th-5th 2pm Toowoon

4th-5th 2pm Terrigal

4th-5th 3pm Copa/Macs

6th -7th 3pm Avoca 

6th -7th 3pm Toowoon

6th -7th 3pm Terrigal 

6th -7th 3pm Copa/ Macs

8th-9th 3pm Avoca

8th-9th 3pm Toowoon

8th-9th 3pm Terrigal

8th-9th 4pm Copa/ Macs

10th -11th 3pm Avoca 

10th -11th 3pm Toowoon

10th -11th 3pm Terrigal

10th -11th 4pm Copa/ Macs

12th-13th 9am Avoca 

12th-13th 9am Toowoon

12th-13th 9am Terrigal

14-15th 10am Avoca 

14-15th 10am Toowoon

14-15th 10am Terrigal

16th-17th 10am Avoca 

16th-17th 10am Toowoon

16th-17th 10am Terrigal 

18th-19th 11am Avoca 

18th-19th 11am Toowoon 

18th-19th 11am Terrigal

20th -21st 3pm Avoca 

20th -21st 3pm Toowoon

22nd -23rd 3pm Avoca 

22nd -23rd 3pm Toowoon 

24th -25th 3pm Avoca 

24th -25th 3pm Toowoon 









Fridays 11am Avoca 

Mixed Adults

Saturdays 10am Toowoon /Shelly Beach 

Saturdays Avoca 10am

Learn to Surf daily all School holidays

All classes are subject to availability and may be changed due to poor conditions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly via email ( or mobile – 0426 277 742

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