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CCSA Surf Academy

All Ages and Levels Welcome

Central Coast Surf Academy operates after school surfing and training as part of or Surfing Academy. Offering specialised training from learn to surf to elite performance coaching, our Academy participants are taught by hand picked professional accredited staff from the central coast.

All classes are founded and designed by former world #5 professional surfer Amee Donohoe these classes educate children on the importance of Surf Safety, focusing on rip identification, positioning in the line up, wave selection, and skills to progress outside of the Academy.

For the more advanced surfer we cover technique, correctional style analysis, fitness and competition strategies.

Pricing Information

2022 Term 1 Academy prices:

ACTIVE KIDS vouchers accepted for 8 week academy

Beginner, intermediate and Elite fiberglass – $270
Learn to surf/beginner foam groups – From $270

Casual Academy session – $50

Surf Groms bookings are made via the surf groms webpage and include Surfing Australia Administration charger

All learn to surf – beginner surfing lessons are run at Avoca Beach, MacMasters Beach, Copacabana Beach, Toowoon Bay, Shelly Beach, Terrigal Beach, Ocean and/or Wamberal Beach

Academy Levels


Is for anyone who has caught the surfing bug but wants to know how to improve! All coaching includes a high level of importance on surf safety educating the importance of ocean awareness and beach safety whilst surfing. All participants are taught, how to control a surfboard, the correct way to wipe out safely, how to enter and exit the surf correctly, as well as being able to maintain positioning in the line up, how to catch and ride broken and unbroken waves, how to understand and gain the skills to identify good wave selection, catching unbroken waves and finding the open face, being able to generate speed and starting the progression into a bottom hand turn. All skill development is individually tailored and relayed accordingly.

Surfing can be a difficult sport in the early stages of development when you’re given the correct training advice big improvements will be seen and the level of enjoyment and progression will last a lifetime.


This is aimed at surfers who are competent in paddling, standing up and can catch waves unassisted, but would now like to take their surfing to the next level. Our experienced coaches will inform you on the correct techniques on how to compete basic manoeuvres such as bottom turns, top turns and cutbacks. 

You’ll also be taught how to evaluate surfing conditions, the importance of wave selection, how to catch the right waves, duck diving skills and when your ready we will move into the more advanced manoeuvres such as floaters, re entries and snaps.


Focus on the importance of correct techniques whilst executing manoeuvres with a progressive, stylish, powerful approach. The Central Coast offers an array of beaches and point breaks that can prepare and challenge your abilities. Clinics can be mobile and flexible. All coaches will hold Surfing Australia’s Level 2 accreditation. Competition coaching will also be aligned within surf academy coaching with the aim of getting results. Coaches will use teachings including heat strategy, maximising scoring potential, training programs, heat planning, travel tips, nutrition, flexibility, visualisation and much more to get the results you want. All groups are tailored to suit individual needs.

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