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Blue Lagoon Beach Surf Lessons

The Blue Lagoon offers a protected enviroment perfect for those wanting to learn to surf

Blue Lagoon is a great Learn to surf beach. Offering a protected inside sandbar which is ideal for anyone who is inexperienced and new to surfing.

This beach will allow you to stand up and ride a wave successfully without any risks. Always small and protected, this beach makes for the perfect safe environment for anyone wanting to learn to surf.

Certified Surf Coaches

Our lessons are operated by qualified & professional surfers. Who have frequently competed in local & international competitions. Giving you access to world-class experience.

Comprehensive Courses

From a 1st time lesson all the way up to one on one coaching for professional surfers, Central Coast Surf Academy is your pathway to reaching your maximum surfing potential.

Sydney's Premier Surf School

Central Coast Surf Academy is the coast’s premier surf school with 16 teachers across 6 beaches, and our success speaks to the quality of our lessons and teaching.

Our Blue Lagoon Beach Surf Lessons are perfect for:

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