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Andrew Mooney


Andrew Mooney is known as one of the best free surfers on the planet. 

Voted best free surfer in the world in 2008. Mooney as he is known has been paid to surf the biggest and best waves the planet has to offer. He has starred in numerous quicksilver movies and photo shoots as well as independent documentaries showcasing the true essence of a surfer’s explorative nature pursing the endless journey for a perfect wave.


Mooney is a well-respected surfer known worldwide for his ability to chase monstrous swells whilst being experienced enough to create innovative new surfing in the air and barrel.
This style of surfing has enabled him to gain valuable knowledge in the art of surfboard shaping. Taught under mastermind Bill Cillia Andrew has spent years learning the importance of surfboard lines and designs. Central Coast Surf Academy and Andrew bring you surf camps and coaching days designed for anyone interested in learning more about surfing techniques, big wave surfing, air camps, and board demo days with Q&A for anyone who isn’t quite sure what board to order or ride.

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